I sculpt intimate and overlooked moments for the stage. Drawing from the visual arts, literature, nature and music, I collaboratively create theatrical collages that expose ways I experience the world. When something piques my interest, I investigate why this thing matters to me. I dig in. I research its history, its connections with culture and society, science and math, and any other fields that it touches. I look for my own associations. I discuss these things with my collaborators. We rehearse so that we can organize, synthesize, and physicalize materials we have found. When this process uncovers something beautiful, human, and truthful, we share it with our audience.

I want my theatre to have stories in it. I am fascinated by objects and search to discover what is essential in an object. I explore ways objects can be physically changed and how I can use that to visually tell a story. Additionally, I want to cultivate a spirit of play in the theatre I make.

I am also an educator. My work as a teacher flows out of my work as a theatre artist. Working with students challenges me to more clearly talk about the work I do. As I have worked to increase my pedagogical technique, I have learned to find technique and process to help others learn what was intuitive for me. Seeing students at work, has given me many ideas for what I can do in my rehearsals and performances. I am focused on working in a college or conservatory setting and have been mentored not just as a student, but as a teacher.

I have done theatre work across the US, in Italy, Switzerland, and India. Favorite directing projects include Lucretia Borgia with Text by Gertrude Stein and Yume which I compiled from portions of Dream Play by August Strindberg, translated by Caryl Churchill, Kantan by Yukio Mishima and Translated by Donald Keene, and La Vida es Sueno by Calderon De La Baca and translated by Google Translate. Favorite acting roles include Alexandra in The Little Foxes produced by A.D. Players in Houston, Texas, Dunyazad in Mary Zimmerman’s Arabian Nights produced by National Rep Theatre in Houston, and ensemble/creator for Kinetic Echo physical theatre based in Jackson MS.

My current research inquires into movement-based creation of new works of theatre. I am two years into a three-year M.F.A. program at Towson University. I have over 100 contact hours of Lecoq classes in which I have studied mask work, mime, and the actor as creator. I have also begun Laban/Bartenieff movement analysis certification. I received my B.A. in Theatre from Belhaven University.